Momoiro Heaven

Momoiro Heaven
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Summary: Momoko is not your average high school girl. In order to support her family (her younger brother and her hospitalized mother), she works as a popular author! But she doesn`t write just any books, she pens erotic novels! It`s quite an exciting job, but for Momoko, it is one of high stress because, you see... she is a virgin! Fortunately she has a great imagination, and does very well for herself and her family. However, because of the nature of her work she must keep it a secret. Momoko`s troubles begin when Inui Ranmaru, a popular super model and new transfer student at her school discovers her secret! In order to keep him from telling, Momoko becomes his slave?!
Comic Title Momoiro Heaven
Alternatives N/A.
Author/Artist Yoshino Mari
Genres comedy, drama, romance, school life, shoujo
Publication Run 2018
Status ongoing
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